Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lovely discoveries

What a wonderful day I've had today - despite the icy cold gale force winds. I have three lovely discoveries that I just wanted to share..... 1 - this sweet teeny tiny milk bottle that I found this morning at one of the bargain-filled Op shops in Petone, 2 - these gorgeous 100% wool offcuts that I picked up for a steal and which will be perfect for a couple of softies I've got on my list of 'to-do's', including a wee red fox, and 3 - I discovered that I can thread an overlocker and get it to overlock! It wasn't nearly as scary or as difficult as I thought.

The Wellington weather has been typically freezing - perfect knitting weather so I've been my usual busy self and have only two projects on the go (having recently finished an ear flap hat for my little hat-escapee which ties up snuggly under his chin!) I'm halfway through one of two hotwater bottle covers for my nephews and am plugging along with Gus' brown vest.

We've got our second craft night on Monday and I'm really excited! Hopefully we'll have a great attendance again and get lots of crafting, chatting and tea drinking done again. Xo

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Close up

Here is a better picture of the vest. Gus requested a brown one so fingers crossed the pattern I've nutted out works! Xo

Hot off the needles

Just finished this sweet little T-shirt vest for my beautiful niece. The yarn was donated by the very generous Kamaia and the pattern is that by Sam Lamb just using smaller needles with the finer wool. I also decided to extend the ribbing on the bottom just for something a little different. Just hope it fits! Xo

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Who are you calling a cowl?

Ha ha - took me ages to think up that title!  (And yes I did think that I was a little bit clever for coming up with it.)

I hosted the first craft night last night and it was exactly as I'd imagined it would be.  I arrived early to turn on the heaters to make it lovely and cosy for when the others arrived and to pretty it up a little and then I nervously waited............  Lo and behold six lovely ladies joined me for an evening of knitting, sewing, cutting, cross-stitching, tea drinking, 'suppering' and chatting.  It was absolutely lovely and time just flew!  I'm now in the process of organising our next crafty night.  Might have to think of a name for our little group - Pockets of Craft or Crafty Pockets? Will keep you posted.

Thanks to Gus for taking my photo here - I have to say I think he did a pretty good job too.  This is my cowl courteous of The Purl Bee.  Its called a Mobius Cowl - although now that I check their website I can't seem to find it.  Hmmm.  Anyhow, its a very simple pattern to follow - knitted in the round with a contrast colour on the edges with an intentional twist when you join the round.  I'm finding the cowl to be super handy as unlike a scarf it keeps my neck warm without dangling down in the boys faces or in whatever I'm trying to look at.

This wee project is in two parts - the knitted and adorned coathanger from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies which took about an hour in total to make and the lovely little dress with the sweet Peter Pan style collar from Babes of Sweet.  These are both a birth present for the arrival of our very old friends' (they're not old we've just been friends for a long time) daughter. The fabric has distorted itself in the photo but it is a sweet cream colour with a soft olive/grey stripe.  Just beautiful.

And lastly, here is Gus' teepee.  He has been having lots of fun playing in it and making up all sorts of games.  After dragging the whole thing into our room this afternoon Gus decided that he would have an "iti moe" (small sleep) in it - for all of about 5 minutes!  Great to see him enjoying it.  Gus is going through a bit of a monster phase at the moment with lots of monster talk.  So Albert the monkey has become his official protector with the magic power of his voice - Albert sings to the monsters to keep them away!