Thursday, 28 February 2013

Knitting up a storm

Despite it still being unseasonably warm and dry (aside from the splash of rain we've had the last few days) I've been knitting like a woman possessed. Anyone would think that I'm looking forward to the cooler weather ahead - so just to clarify - I am really enjoying the lovely sunny days we've been having lately.

As is usual for me, I have a couple of things on the go right now: a rich brown vest for Felix which just needs to be sewn up, a creamy white waist cost for my niece which I have literally just finished, a winters warm grey and orange ribbed hat for Felix, a chunky over-sized charcoal jersey for Gus which just needs the last sleeve to be knitted and then sewn up, and I have also recently finished a lovely chunky cowl for me. Plus.... I have just received a big parcel from Skeinz containing some delicious yarn for three cardigans - one for Felix, me and a friend who has a baby due in June.

I'm not entirely sure what has caused this sudden burst of knitting - perhaps pessimism that this gorgeous weather cannot continue so I'd better get organised for autumn and winters' arrival. Who knows - but it sure is fun gathering up my yarn supplies to keep me going. I'm in the process of planning another road trip and am working out my stops around a couple of yarn stores that I'll have to pass along the way. One is in Eketahuna of all places and the lovely lady who owns the store has a great selection at really reasonable prices. She told me that she pays chips for rent and so can afford to keep her prices low. Love it!

Here are a few pics of my latest knitting adventures. I adore my cowl and my nieces waistcoat but I think that Felix's vest needs something else around the neckline - a bit of ribbing me thinks. So once I've stitched it together I'll add the ribbing. Happy knitting! Xo

I've got the bug again - the screen printing bug that is

I have been planning, drawing (well if you can call it that - indecipherable scrawls really) and coming up with all sorts of ideas for a couple of months now but just haven't got around to do anything about it. Until now that is....

I am in the process of making duvet/doona covers for the boys and I couldn't find the right colour or patterned fabric that I had in mind, or that I was prepared to fork out a huge sum of money for. So I figured that I would just come up with something myself. I started with a triangle pattern but it didn't look quite right and by chance found a picture of a dachshund in Lena Corwin's book Printing by Hand which was perfect and came out better than expected. I also did a run of some triangles which I had been fiddling around with in the computer and was thrilled with how they came out. I have just joined up to the Hand Printed Fabric Swap (see the button on the side) and think that I'll use this print as my design with some big circles overlaid. How very exciting.

1. All ready to go!
2. The dogs drying in the lounge
3. My triangle pattern up close
4. Triangles from afar!


Time flies when you're on holiday

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have posted anything except my 52 portraits.  Life has been busy - I took the boys up to their Grandparents again (yes, I know I am mad to attempt another 10 hours driving on my own with them, but it was worth it).  I have also been busy on the crafting front too and as usual I have about ten projects on the go at once. So we'll start with the trip to Raglan... Here are a few of my favourite photos from our holidays.

1. Waiouru Army Museum. A fabulous place to stop, particularly with boys! Gus and Felix had so many questions about the tanks and cannons and I just didn't have the answers for them. Very frustrating for Gus who has such an enquiring mind.
2. Day at the beach with Grandma. The water was a bit cooler than they are used to (heated pools) but I did manage to convince them both to swim with me.
3. Gus laxing out at Waingaro Hot Springs. He loved the warm pools, particularly the one that was 39 degrees!
4. Felix decided to wear all of the hats. Looks so cute.
5. Gus painted himself a tiger and then Felix too. It was poster paint so probably highly toxic - oh well a fun time was had.
6. Picnic at the beach. It was a gorgeous day.
7. I don't know who enjoyed throwing the frisbee more - Grandma or Gus!
8. Felix worked out how to climb up the gate, and thought he was pretty clever for having figured it out, only trouble was he didn't know what to do to get down.
9. The tiger in action - note the stripes on his arms and legs.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for 2013'

Gus - bedtime stories with Grandma are the best!

Felix - all Felix has to say is "Help me Gus" and Gus will be there in a flash.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for 2013'

Gus - I walked around the corner to hear Gus saying to Felix "Okay, now you must keep still 'cos I will make you a cat". Such deep concentration on Gus' face as he works away.

Felix - Enjoying a swim in the hot springs at Waingaro with Daddy. "Hold me Daddy, hold me", he kept saying.

Sunday, 10 February 2013


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for 2013'

Gus - Carrying his kuri like I used to carry him.
Felix - Upon discovering the crank, he slowly wound it around, taking his time to see how it works, which way it can turn and how to make the unpleasant sound of metal rubbing on metal.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


'A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, for 2013'

Gus - exploring at Petone beach. What a week it had been with wonderful weather and many beach adventures.
Felix - Mo'paika ride adventures - again. Felix spends so much of his week engaging in motorcycle riding-play, using his hand to 'rev' the throttle whilst making a wide range of acceleration sounds and racing around the house and back yard on anything with wheels.