Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lovely discoveries

What a wonderful day I've had today - despite the icy cold gale force winds. I have three lovely discoveries that I just wanted to share..... 1 - this sweet teeny tiny milk bottle that I found this morning at one of the bargain-filled Op shops in Petone, 2 - these gorgeous 100% wool offcuts that I picked up for a steal and which will be perfect for a couple of softies I've got on my list of 'to-do's', including a wee red fox, and 3 - I discovered that I can thread an overlocker and get it to overlock! It wasn't nearly as scary or as difficult as I thought.

The Wellington weather has been typically freezing - perfect knitting weather so I've been my usual busy self and have only two projects on the go (having recently finished an ear flap hat for my little hat-escapee which ties up snuggly under his chin!) I'm halfway through one of two hotwater bottle covers for my nephews and am plugging along with Gus' brown vest.

We've got our second craft night on Monday and I'm really excited! Hopefully we'll have a great attendance again and get lots of crafting, chatting and tea drinking done again. Xo

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