Thursday, 28 February 2013

Knitting up a storm

Despite it still being unseasonably warm and dry (aside from the splash of rain we've had the last few days) I've been knitting like a woman possessed. Anyone would think that I'm looking forward to the cooler weather ahead - so just to clarify - I am really enjoying the lovely sunny days we've been having lately.

As is usual for me, I have a couple of things on the go right now: a rich brown vest for Felix which just needs to be sewn up, a creamy white waist cost for my niece which I have literally just finished, a winters warm grey and orange ribbed hat for Felix, a chunky over-sized charcoal jersey for Gus which just needs the last sleeve to be knitted and then sewn up, and I have also recently finished a lovely chunky cowl for me. Plus.... I have just received a big parcel from Skeinz containing some delicious yarn for three cardigans - one for Felix, me and a friend who has a baby due in June.

I'm not entirely sure what has caused this sudden burst of knitting - perhaps pessimism that this gorgeous weather cannot continue so I'd better get organised for autumn and winters' arrival. Who knows - but it sure is fun gathering up my yarn supplies to keep me going. I'm in the process of planning another road trip and am working out my stops around a couple of yarn stores that I'll have to pass along the way. One is in Eketahuna of all places and the lovely lady who owns the store has a great selection at really reasonable prices. She told me that she pays chips for rent and so can afford to keep her prices low. Love it!

Here are a few pics of my latest knitting adventures. I adore my cowl and my nieces waistcoat but I think that Felix's vest needs something else around the neckline - a bit of ribbing me thinks. So once I've stitched it together I'll add the ribbing. Happy knitting! Xo

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