Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Perfect weather for warm winter woollens

Just finished these cute little hand warmers for a little someone's third birthday present. They were quick and easy to knit although I did change the pattern from rib to moss stitch just because I think it is such a beautiful stitch. I will share the amended pattern as this is a great little pattern for learning, a gift or for your tamariki!

Super Simple Mossy Hand Warmers
4 mm needles
8 ply yarn (only small amounts needed)

Cast on 31 stitches in brown
Row 1-10: k1 p1
Row 11: k all sts
Row 12: change to pink and knit all sts
Row 13: p all sts
Row 14-21: repeat rows 10 and 11
Row 22: change to brown and knit all sts
Row 23: k all sts
Row 24-28: k1 p1
Row 29: Cast off following pattern k1 p1

Sew up leaving a gap for the thumb in the pink section and sew in the ends.  Make a second one for the other hand and adorn as you please.

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