Friday, 20 July 2012

So much to share

First things first - last weeks' Pockets of Craft night at our new venue was a huge success with 9 crafty people attending. Wicked! I also have confirmed that Liv from the Great Sock Monkey Challenge is booked in to come and show us how to make sock monkeys which will be donated to the Starship Hospital. How very exciting to be supporting such an incredible cause.

Well I have been a busy wee beaver having finished Gus' fabulous tweed trousers at the craft night (don't they look snappy!) only to have Gus put a hole in them yesterday at the skate park. Its not a little hole either - about the size of a 10 cent piece. I'm trying to figure out the best way to mend them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - they're a wool/linen blend.

I have a new favourite book - Made to Play by Joel Henriques. He is one incredibly creative man. I adore these little shin guard type robot legs. How wonderfully resourceful and in-tune with his kids interests can he be. Love it!

This lovely iti pink thing is a cowl - of course. Unfortunately right now it doesn't smell too lovely as I sprayed it with water to iron it (think wet dog) but hopefully once its dry it will smell as cute as it looks! Its for a very sweet little kotiro who is turning two shortly and whom invited our not so sweet Felix (he's being quite intentionally a real rascal lately) to her party. I'm just a little excited for Felix. 

.....  Oh no - I just tried to put the cowl on Felix to make sure it would fit but its too tight.  When I cast off I did it too tight and so can't get that edge over his head so it definitely won't fit over the intended recipients head.  I'm going to have to undo it and try to cast off much looser.  Drat!!!

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