Monday, 4 March 2013


I just have to share my contentment right now. I should say first of all that of course I love my family with all my heart, however the peaceful sound of silence in our house right now is heavenly.

Gus started 'big kids kindy' today which means he is there until 2.30! Wow, huge day for him and I'm sure a quiet afternoon. After a busy morning at playcentre (for the both of us) Felix is now sleeping soundly - heard beautiful snoring coming from his room just now. Grant is at work so its just me, a pot of tea (thanks Rozie) and my screen printing.

While the tea brews I'm pondering colour choices for Handprinted: a fabric swap 3 and working out the positioning of my triangles. The latter is rather difficult for me as maths has never been a strength of mine - hence the notebook and eraser.  I'm thrilled that my fabric swap partners have all suggested colours I like to so the trick for me now is to select colours that look fabulous together. So despite the mathematics, life is good! Xo

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