Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Emperor's new clothes

As Gus dozed on the couch and Felix was yelling at me from his bedroom that he didn't want to sleep (although his eyes told a different story), I managed to fit in a wee printing session. I was really eager to finish off printing the blank t-shirts and sweatshirts from AS Colour so that Gus would have a few more tops in his wardrobe that aren't crop tops!

Loved the way these came out, although I somehow managed to smudge the hooves on the donkey t-shirt - wondered if I didn't have enough pressure on the screen when printing. Learning all the time!

Next on my list of printing is a brown bear for the last blank t-shirt. We love the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Junior, so naturally when we were chatting about what picture to put on the last t-shirt he chose something from one of our favourite books. I was a little pleased that he chose the brown bear as I have a gorgeous mushroom brown paint that will look beautiful on a white t-shirt. Fun, fun, fun! Xo

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