Thursday, 1 November 2012

By broccoli you are magnificent

I am by no stretch of the imagination what you'd call a gardener, not even having a green enough thumb to keep silverbeet alive, well until now that is!   

I'm not sure if its the wondrous garden boxes that Grant built with the right mix of compost and top soil, or if it is just that I'm actually remembering to water the vegetables every day but something is definitely working as everything is growing magnificently.

It has become quite a little routine for Gus and I to remember to give the "Beges a nui drink" (Veges a big drink) each afternoon, and if I'm not quite quick enough off the mark, it is usually followed by a wee drenching of a certain little brother whose legs aren't quick enough to get away from the hose.  Poor Felix - destined to be forever tortured by his big brother.

Despite going through a "I don't like peas Mummy, I'll put them on Felix's plate", resulting in peas going everywhere phase, Gus is terribly excited about the peas growing in the garden.  When we're out doing our watering Gus takes care to thread any lose tendrils around the support frame while whispering words of encouragement to grow "Nui nui" (big big)!  It is so very rewarding to see Gus taking such care in the garden, learning about how and where the food that appears on his plate arrives there.  I suppose it is the real reason why we decided to have a vegetable garden in the first place.  It certainly hasn't saved us any money to grow our own vegetables, perhaps later on down the track if I grow from seeds instead of seedlings, but right now we're just happy knowing that we're keeping it local by tending to our own little patch, encouraging the children to develop knowledge, and enjoying the reward of our produce.  Ka pai!

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