Saturday, 17 November 2012

On the road again

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been, having traveled 1291 km over the course of five days, with two children in tow (although I must confess that the boys were with us for only half of that distance as Mum and Dad (bless their cotton socks) brought the boys home for us).  We were very privileged to see so much of the countryside as I'd inadvertently set up the GPS to quickest route - meaning we took a few back roads instead of the main roads.  Oops!  The purpose of our little journey was to attend the wedding of my brother-in-law and his breathtakingly beautiful bride - and what a wedding it was.  The service was short and sweet and gorgeously romantic and the the reception was so much fun (in the most part simply because my wonderful Mum and Dad had taken the boys back to the motel so I was able to relax and enjoy our wonderful family and friends without the worry of what mischief the boys were up to).  A HUGE thank you to Nanny and Pop!

There was a lovely no-fuss approach to everything at the wedding, so when Gus refused to have his photo taken (which is what he's doing in the above photo) and then changed his mind 10 minutes later there was no bother about gathering people back for the photos.  

Gus and Felix looked so handsome in their little wedding outfits and they both received many compliments for their little bow ties and their Refined Trousers - outfits that I'd made in the hope that I'd be able to snap a lovely photo of Grant and the boys wearing sort-of matching outfits.  Unfortunately none of the boys in my little family are particularly interested in having photos taken!  Argh!

To be honest I had thought that the trip was going to be a nightmare with the children not sleeping, food disasters, rashes and sore tummy's, but not so.  So typical of me to over-think it and what a relief for it to have been so wonderful! Xo

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