Saturday, 12 January 2013

2 years old today

Happy Birthday Felix!

 Laughing out loud at the "Wheels on the Bus" musical birthday card from Grandma and Grandad

 Big brothers are so useful if your legs are a little bit too short to reach the pedals

Exploring the playdough station - check out those filthy hands and face surely a sign of fun times had

 Bubbles are always a hit!

 A moment to reflect, "Hmmm, orange or blue pebble next?"

 A family portrait

Our tired pepi just before bed (I did wash his face and hands, and take off his dirty shirt before bed!)

Our Felix - you certainly are our happy one as is the meaning of your name.  You have grown into such a wonderfully funny, cheeky, mischievous and happy boy.  Even when you're stomping your foot, telling me off and being an absolute monkey, you still make me smile (although its on the inside so that I don't encourage your mischief making behaviour).  Always my bubba!
What a wonderful day we shared with our family and friends.  As I looked around our backyard in the midst of the busyness of 15 children and the great many adults that had gathered to share this special occasion with us I felt so blessed.  We have only lived in Wellington for two and a half years and yet we are so very fortunate to have met and become friends with many generous and caring people.  These people have greatly influenced our lives and contributed to making us who we are through their support in moments of need and in the pleasure of their company. Thank you to each and everyone of you. Xo


  1. Happy Birthday Mr 2!
    He looks pretty stoked with his trike x

    1. Thanks Lisa. He was absolutely thrilled despite being unable to reach the pedals. Fortunately for Felix he has a handy Daddy who is planning on fashioning some kind of wooden blocks to go on the pedals so Felix can ride it. However at least Felix can ask Gus to drive him while he sits in the trailer. Xo

  2. Happy birthday! He looks SO happy :) I love the shot of the two brothers on the bike together.

    1. Thanks Kylie. Lately the boys are playing together so well - not sure if it just a developmental thing or if its because we're on holiday from our usual social activities. Regardless of the reason, it is wonderful!

  3. Oh his smile is ADORABLE. Any happier and I he might implode! Looks like he had a wonderful day.

  4. Thanks Jane. Hope you guys are well. Xo