Friday, 6 September 2013

Just stop and smell nga putiputi (the flowers)

Or watch nga manu - which is what the boys are doing here - the Tui in the Kowhai tree

My wonderfully passionate, proper and very cuddly big boy recently gave me a timely reminder to just stop. I am the type of person who loves to get to the end of the day and think to myself "Wow, I achieved so much today". I love to see the results of my efforts.  Unfortunately I occasionally need reminding that cuddling on the couch with my little ones with a book or in front of a movie is achieving something.  I know it sounds crazy, but I do at times need to be prompted to leave the dishes, forget about the wet washing waiting in the basket or to leave Mount Washmore for another time and instead get down and play with the kids.  You would think that as a trained early childhood teacher I would know these things, and yet I forget.

So over the past few weeks when one or all of us have been unwell I have been stopping, pulling the blocks out, grabbing a stack of books or putting a film on and enjoying my wonderful children's company.  There is far less of Gus's  "Mummy look at me, look, look, looook, looooooook. Mummy!" and many more cuddles. We all need reminding sometimes, no one is perfect. I am just grateful of the reminder (and cuddles). XO

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