Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Finished at last!

My thanks to Gus for insisting on taking my photo - which, incidentally, I had thought of doing so I could share my Caramel Cardigan but just not got around to doing.  

I just adore it! It is so warm and cuddly - and as a person who has been deeply entrenched with the need to wear singlets and keep my chest covered (thank you Nana), I really appreciate the extra warmth that the double front provides. This is my first big project and now I can't wait to begin the next.  I just have to concentrate on my studies for the next two months and then I can knit and sew until my heart is content - well...!

So, as I do, I have been thinking and dreaming about all the wonderful projects I would like to do.  Here are a few.

I have actually started this Baby Kimono Cardigan for my nephew or niece due in October.  I am using a muted moss green from Ashfrod Yarns and its beautiful. A great unisex colour.

And... I have actually started this Il Grande Favourito jersey too, but only just though.  I have cast on and that's about it.   I figure that if I start it now then it will be ready for autumn as the my cardigan took almost six months to complete!

This Poolside Jersey has also caught my attention and as I haven't knitted a lace pattern before this is definitely going to be one that will have to wait for my full attention.

And my dreaming is not just limited to knitting - I have chosen the summer dress that I'd like to make too. Its another gorgeous pattern from Pattern Runway. But I think skirts may be in order this summer as well so I am pining for another Very Gathering Skirt, which is a free pattern on her blog and maybe an A-Line skirt too. Who knows - only time will tell, and allow! With spring in the air are you ready to get the sewing machine out too? Xo

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