Saturday, 4 February 2012

For Felix, oops no actually for Gus

I finished another item this week while Grant was away.  The only good thing about him working in Auckland every other week is that I can sew without feeling bad about hiding away in our bedroom with the sewing machine while he sits by himself in lounge with only the company of the television.  

This is a great little hooded vest which I made from merino that my friend Annabel kindly donated.  It was supposed to have a pocket in the front but I used the wrong stitch and stretched the fabric so badly that I had to bin it and I didn't have enough fabric to cut another one, but I think that it looks fine without it.  It is a Red Thread Patterns design - the Playtime Popover which I thought would be perfect for playcentre as it keeps the arms free and dry (as they invariably end up sopping wet up to the elbows).  I had actually made the size 1-2 thinking that it would fit Felix but when I tried it on him, it was more like a tunic than a vest so Gus scored it instead.

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