Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lost pockets

Well I have completely lost the last few weeks - not sure what happened but time has just whizzed by.  I haven't really been doing much sewing or knitting - only a few little things including the cowl for which I just used one 50g ball of wool and came out fabulous.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it before packaging it up though - whoops.  I've also started a scarf for myself FIVE times as I couldn't decide on which style scarf to go with.  Ended up doing a lovely thick ribbed scarf which I tweaked a wee bit from a pattern that my lovely Laura sent from Australia.  It is just a simple knit one purl one with 25 stitches cast on to 12mm needles using two strands (double I suppose you might say) of yarn at a time.  Its coming along really nicely.

The thing that I have been pottering with is an Easter rapeti (rabbit) for Felix.  I'm onto my third one now as I've just not been happy with how they've come out.  The first one (which is in the middle) was too pointy, the second (on the far right) was too long and the third (on the left) is alright.  I'm definitely not going to make another so will think about fixing the first rabbits ears and then decide between the first and the third.  What do you think?

My sewing and knitting partner-in-crime and I went shopping last weekend and came home with a load of fabric so I really need to start sewing some larger things so that I start using up some of my hoard.

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