Wednesday, 12 December 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Gus helping to decorate our rakau iti (little tree). He was especially pleased to pay homage to his Australian roots - thanks Kirkie!

As Christmas draws closer, our lives seem to be unnervingly picking up pace rather than winding down.  There are so many wonderful things happening in our community but all I really want to do is stay at home with Gus and Felix, bake biscuits and finish making our presents.  I've almost finished my handmade Christmas presents - just one more PJ set to go for my nephew and its all done.  What a relief!  Here is some of mine and the boys' handiwork.  

The Christmas dresses for the lovely lassies in our lives

A shorty PJ set - complete with a bag to store them in.  (I am absolutely in love with cuffed hems.)

Our wonderful sitter made these fabulous Christmas mobiles with the boys last week

The boys have got a special project happening for their cousins which they seem really excited about and Gus has been asking for almost a month now if we can make gingerbread men, ladies and tamariki (children) to give to Santa Claus and our friends - and a whare (house) for them to live in.  I'm not sure we'll be able to make the house this year but we will definitely be making the gingerbread people and we really need to finish off their project.  Will be a busy afternoon I think!

The boys working on their drawings that I will make into finger puppets (love Gus' tongue in his cheek)

What projects are others working on?  Would love to see what crafty things people are up to.  Our last Pockets of Craft night is tonight so hopefully I'll get a chance to work on a few things. XO

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