Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Our week

The end is nigh.... I am so looking forward to Friday when all of our weekly commitments are done for the year and we are free to do as we please during our days.  I am sure that towards the end of the holidays I'll be just as eager for Playcentre and Kindergarten to recommence, but for now I am relishing the thought of long, warm summer days to climb trees, explore the nooks and cranny's of the nearby beaches, BBQ's, bike riding and playing in our new garden. Bring on the holidays!

 Pizza, ice cream and a broken tooth for Grant to celebrate my birthday on Thursday

Left: Felix perched in a tree at Days Bay on Thursday.  Right: An action shot from Playcentre yesterday.

"But Mummy, how does the popcorn toy work?" 

Not a word was heard from the boys for the entire afternoon once they discovered the sandpit was complete.

Meri kirihimete to you and your family. Xo

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