Monday, 10 December 2012

In the name of family

Neither Boy (the cow) or my boys were sure of each other and spent a while eyeing each other up

I have been off the grid for about a week, as I'd decided it was important that Gus and Felix see their grandparents before Christmas, so I made the usually seven hour car trip to Grant's parents' house with the boys.  Well, nothing is ever usual in our household - so TEN hours later we finally got there (thank goodness Grant met us there on Friday night so was able to drive home with us).  It was hard work and it took all my patience, singing skills and imagination to make it there safely - plus a well utilised portable DVD player (which I swore I would never buy as we managed just fine when we were kids!) and stop after stop after stop after stop. Thought I was never going to make it! But it was worth every single minute of the journey for the time we spent with our family.

Felix nagged Grandad from the moment we arrived for a ride on the quad  and Grandad willingly obliged

Walking back from trying to catch a cow to ride at Uncle Mark and Aunty Eileen's

Our trip was truly remarkable as the boys were able to experience the fun of both the farm and the beach, and get to see the snow capped mountains twice.  It is rather incredible how small New Zealand really is.

Raglan beach at low tide - so much space to run

The giant puddles of warm water at low tide at Raglan beach - perfect for children to play in

Plimmerton beach 20 minutes from home where we made an emergency stop to keep the children awake

We were very fortunate in that at each time we needed to stop for a play and a run the sun was shining on us while the rain poured elsewhere. We explored so many of the parks between Wellington and Raglan with our favourite definitely being Taihape. As you can see from the photos, Felix continues to suffer from big-brother adoration and is always one step behind Gus - wherever he goes and with whatever he is doing.  It is very sweet but sometimes a little dangerous too!

Dragon hunting in the redwoods near Taihape Memorial Park 

"Hop on the back Mummy, we'll drive you to Grandma's and Grandad's" at Taihape Memorial Park

I know I'll sound like I'm skiting (showing off for all of my non-NZ readers), but I was especially proud of my boys during this trip, as typically when we go away we all end up sleep deprived, undesirable behaviour starts (from everyone!) and we all get cranky and I wonder why on earth we ever go anywhere! But not so this time as by some small miracle, (Grandma says good parenting but I think the stars were just on my side), I had two young boys who were happy to sleep when they were tired, eat when they were hungry and were wonderfully happy when they were awake! XO

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