Thursday, 20 December 2012

Homemade will have to do

Gus' new genie shorts

I felt a deep desire and urgency to finish off these shorts for Gus this morning.  Our sitter had taken the boys to playcentre and I had 45 minutes before I had to leave for my appointment, but so keen was I to see the shorts on Gus that instead of relaxing with a cup of tea, I sewed like a mad-thing to get them done - and of course as soon as we were home I cajoled him into trying them on for me. 

I had seen something similar by Udder which I absolutely adored but the cost of postage and the New Zealand exchange rate just didn't permit such gorgeous extravagance   However, with my basic knowledge of sewing I was sure I could fiddle about and come up with something and voila!  Using the much loved Refined Trouser pattern by Nina Bonita Designs I simply cut down the leg length and used the remaining fabric to make the cuff.  So quick and easy! 

Gus was thrilled with his new shorts although from a practical perspective, which (most wonderfully) it always seems to come down to practicalities with my boys, they're not the best for cycling in.  So frustrated did he become with the band restricting his leg from moving freely that he jumped off the bike and rode in his undies.  Of course!

So lessons learnt for my next pair: Make them B A G G I E R and make the cuff wider.  The next lot of shorts fabric is being pre-washed as I type!  XO

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