Saturday, 24 August 2013

Milk and limes

The kids and I took a little trip up Kapiti way yesterday.  I was having no luck slowing Gus down after his operation on Tuesday so I decided we could do a little hunting and gathering - in a way.  The first item on our list was Manna-Cow Milk.  We drove along keeping an eye out for the signs as though on a treasure hunt, a simple little sign here and another there and eventually we found the right farm.  We took a couple of wrong turns; not that it is hard to find but it is when you have two children yelling at you "Let me out, I want to play with the lambs and cows in the daffodils." It really is very beautiful up that way.

With the milk stowed away safely in our chilly bin we chased a few chickens, patted the farm dogs and picked a few flowers before heading off for the next bit of our little adventure.

We found an orchard advertising pick your own limes, and not that I have a clue what to do with all the limes Gus and Felix picked, it was fun.  Surprisingly, no one fell over in the muddy puddles, no one jumped in said muddy puddles and no one tried to take a bite of the limes either! Gus spent majority of his day resting and restrained in his carseat, whilst having a lovely trip out!

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