Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another rainy day in Wellington...

... what to do, oh what to do?  Bake and eat lots me thinks!  Its what the kids and I did yesterday so I think we'll do it again today.  Pikelets was on the baking menu yesterday as both the tama absolutely devour these whenever I make them.  The recipe is so simple (not sure where it originated) and it can easily (and just as deliciously) be adapted to dairy-free if need be. The tama also often help me in the preparation as it is a recipe that quantities don't make too much of a difference so a bit extra here and a bit less there isn't the end of the world.

3/4 C plain flour
3/4 C self raising flour
2/3 C white sugar
1 egg
Approximately 1 C milk or soy milk

Put the first four ingredients in a bowl and mix the milk in gradually until you reach the desired consistency. Sometimes we use more than a cup of milk, other times it is less - just depends on how accurately the dry ingredients have been measured. Heat a non-stick frypan (I find the non-stick frypan doesn't require butter) and spoon dessertspoonful amounts of batter (we make mini-pikelets as they are easier for Felix to manage). Pikelets are a great snack at any time so I usually try to freeze half of the batch - simply put them in a sealed plastic bag and in the freezer they go. 

Photo: Chalk and cheese by tama. Gus is such a tidy eater whereas Felix just wears it! Can't wait for the cake to be ready - chocolate too. Yummo!

... Well, cake we did.  I mean bake we did!  Two big chocolate cakes one of which is smothered in chocolate ganache.  It is seriously the best homemade chocolate that I have ever eaten and it is so easy to make as you simply put all the ingredients in the mixer and mix it! What could be easier?  The recipe is from Annabel Langbein's The Free Range Cook so if you're after a delicious chocolate cake recipe sneak a peak in her scrummy book. Wonder what's for dessert tonight? Xo

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