Saturday, 16 June 2012

Must get knitting

It is time for me to get a wriggle on with my knitting projects.  I've got three LARGE bags of yarn in the corner of the lounge waiting for me to get around to using.  The wool below is for me to knit the lovely Free caramel for you a beautiful cardigan that I have been wanting to get around to knitting for a while now.  Tash at Holland Road Yarn Company helped me select this gorgeous yarn as I couldn't decide which colours would contrast nicely.  I'm not usually a blue person but I am very much in love with this yellowy/mustardy colour and the two colours just go together so nicely.  They look quite bright in this photo but they're actually not quite so - a lot more subdued really.  I have cast on the initial 175 stitches and have knitted three rows.  It is slow going but I'm excited nevertheless.

I finally finished the T-shirt style vest for Gus.  Overall I am really pleased with how well it came out.  Despite my best calculations and attempts to make it on the larger size (never was very good at maths) it fits him perfectly now, so I'm not sure how long it will fit.  I'll try and get a photo of him in it tomorrow - not sure if he'll oblige though as he has been a bit camera shy lately.  I've also written down the pattern so will share.  I did realise though that I need to work on my yarn joining skills as you can see where I have tried to weave in the ends and its not neat and tidy like I would prefer it to be.  Will need to get on to You Tube and figure that out as the cardie pattern has lots of chopping and changing with the two colours.  

After three years of using disposable nappies I have recently switched to cloth nappies.  After using the old-fashioned cloth nappies while working at Swanston Street Children's Centre when we lived in Melbourne, I swore that I would never use cloth ever again.  Well, what is that saying about never say never?  I've been slowly gathering Honey Child nappies and am really happy with them and have been using them with both the boys (Gus only needs a nap at night time).  The washing isn't nearly as bad as I had imagined, any leakage has been user error, but.... I have one complaint and that is that nappy wipes aren't flushable and I have not been enjoying placing the dirty wipes in the rubbish bin.  However, after reading Wendyl Nissen's book Mother's Little Helper I stumbled upon her recipe of placing kitchen towels in an airtight container with 1/2 cup of water, 1 tablespoon each of witch hazel and rosewater.  So tonight I made up my little container of homemade nappy wipes (accompanied by a great deal of eye rolling from Grant!)  We'll see how they work tomorrow. 

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