Saturday, 30 June 2012

Busy doing not much

It feels like I've been so very busy, but when I think back I haven't really accomplished much but rather have been doing lots of planning and organising.

I finally received my copy of Bright Young Things, Modern Baby and Children's Knitting Patterns by Millamia of Sweden.  I swoon at each page as I flick through the fabulous designs.  After a great deal of contemplation I've finally decided on the Niklas Cardigan for Gus and have been searching high and low for the colours I'd like to make it in. Skeinz have some beautiful colours in their baby yarns range and I've decided on two of the colours - navy and leaf but just have to make my final decision between white or babycinno. Decisions, decisions!

After dropping Gus off at kindy yesterday Felix and I headed into town and took a wee stroll around Cuba Street.  I found a snuggly warm forest green merino to make some tracksuit pants for Gus and hopefully Felix too.  I've made these trackies for Gus before but foolishly made them in a pale grey fleece which inevitably end up with muddy knees.  A friend suggested that I put patches on the knees, sort of Minti style, which I think is a great idea and I also thought I'd put contrasting pocket inners too.

Update - homemade wipes.  I am loving these.  So easy to make and they make the job halfway pleasant which is especially nice considering the task they are performing.  I've also made up my own antibacterial spray, all purpose spray and bathroom spray - all of which have come from the same Mother's Little Helper Book by Wendyl Nissen.  I've made up little labels for each bottle listing the ingredients of each and what they can be used for.  Its nothing flash but just a little bit cute nonetheless.

I have just this week sorted our a new venue for our Pockets of Craft night - Petone Community House.  Its such a lovely house and our crafters seem to be pretty excited - mostly because of its convenient location.  I have designed a poster advertising our little craft group and have placed a couple of these around town in the hope of enticing a few more people along as its always nice to meet new people.  A couple of our crafters are pregnant and I am halfway through making some socks for one of the Mum's pepi.  This is my first attempt at socks/bootees as I find them so fiddly but my Mum gave me a really easy to follow pattern so I thought I'd give it a go and da-da-dah!  Here we have one iti sock (almost just have to sew it up)!  Next I'll have to learn how to knit them in the round so that I don't have to do the sewing up part.

Wandering around Petone on Tuesday I found the most gorgeous hat at Wanda Harland.  Mine is a rich ruby red and I have had so many comments from complete strangers admiring the hat.  It is perfect for what I was looking for - something to keep my head warm without squishing my hair.  Hilary makes the hats and she also makes some beautiful tamariki hats too.  I just love it! 


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