Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Felix's fabulous fingerless gloves

After another cold day at playcentre on Monday, I decided that it was time Felix got some fingerless gloves too.  Gus adores the ones that Nanny made last year, despite the thumb causing a slight technical issue.  I used the pattern below for the moss stitch fingerless gloves but just changed it slightly so that the rib stitch for the fingers is shorter allowing the fingers to have more movement and I extended the wrist bit so that it can be tucked into the sleeves of his clothes.  He just loves them and because they don't have a thumb they are so easy to get on and off (which Felix repeatedly asked me to do this morning).  Gus of course demanded (yes truly demanded) a pair for himself in the gorgeous green colour.

I finally managed to catch Gus in a showy-offy mood where he was happy to have his photo taken and when he was wearing the vest.  It does fit him well but I do wish that I had made it a little longer.  Nevermind as Gus tells me all the time when things don't work out.


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