Sunday, 28 April 2013

Happy birthday our gorgeous Gus!

Four years old! Wow, where has the time gone?  You are growing up to be such a cool, courageous, spirited, sensitive, cheeky, generous, boisterous and considerate little boy.  We are so very proud of you Gus and "love you for all the stars in the night of the dreams".

What a whirlwind of fun times it has been since last weekend when we stayed at the hotel while Daddy worked and we had a blast! Room service in bed, swimming in the hotel pool, pepi cino's with marshmellows and buffet breakfast in the morning.  What more could you want?

Gus' first present brought home the fact how much television plays a role in our lives when he said "There's Australia where I was born and Nemo is from, where is Madagascar, where is Finn McMissile from, where does Lightening live, is that one where Rio the manu lives?"  I suppose it is all learning in some shape or form!

The joy on Gus' face is evident as he unwraps his Lego.  Yes - we got it right!

Every time there is a birthday I try to get a family photo, and every time Grant doesn't smile and we inherit an extra child that has to be cropped out of the photo. Ha!

I love this photo of Gus and I - he isn't smiling as he's to busy chewing on a snake lolly!

When Gus' good friend turned up wearing cowboy attire, Gus decided to dress up as well.  He looked fabulous wearing his builders suspenders and my gorgeous fedora that he has now claimed as his own by writing his name on it!  (I took that hat all around Europe and now it has GUS written on the top since he decided that it is his.  Argh!) The homemade rocket ship pinata was great fun and proved just a little scary when the children launched themselves at the bouncy balls the spilled from it.

The rocket ship birthday cake was awesome (a huge thank you to my sister-in-law for making it). The cake looked incredible until that hammer came crashing down and the children attacked the cake.  I feared for my life as I stood there trying to recover the cake from the clawing hands that were coming from every direction to grab a handful of lollies.  Fun, fun, fun!

What a wonderful day we had with our whanau and friends.  Thank you to everyone for sharing Gus' special day and for your extremely generous gifts. Our love to all. Xo

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