Tuesday, 9 April 2013

To crochet or not to crochet

I am very proud to announce (with only a little confidence) that after two years of being on my 'Things to do this year' list, I have finally learnt to crochet. I attended a fantastic little class on Saturday at Holland Road Yarn Company that was taken by Sofia Moers. She was so incredibly patient with all of us as we struggled to get our fingers, hook and yarn under control. We came away with a handy little information pack and homework, which being the little-bit-too-organised person that I am, I completed straight away.

While it was all fresh in my mind, I decided to get stuck into a project and gathered up my supplies to make what Gus has named the Rainbow Blanket. I knew that stash of wool I've had hidden away was for a reason! I found a wonderfully easy to make beginners blanket on Ravelry, aptly named Simple Baby Blanket by Kate Dixon. It is really so simple that I'm powering through it! I really love the repetition of crocheting - the constant counting is so soothing (and I'm a person who really doesn't like math). Now my trouble is do I continue working on my four other knitting projects or my crochet. What to do, oh what to do! Many thanks for the teachings Sofia. Xo


  1. Oh, how fun. Learning to crochet is currently one of the things on my "to learn" list :)

  2. Good on you. Hope you find time to do it!