Monday, 8 April 2013

What to do for our two plus two?

Our gorgeous Gus will be 4 years old in two weeks time.  This time four years ago I was visiting the hospital every other day to ensure Gus' safe and healthy arrival (I had developed pre-eclampsia).  Those three weeks' of traveling into Gosford every other day, plus a couple of overnight stays when my blood pressure wouldn't cooperate, felt like a lifetime.  I remember feeling so impatient with the whole situation and desperate for our baby boy to arrive.  I can now look back with gratitude to those hospital stays as not only did our Gus arrive safely and healthily but I can now knit - had to do something with my time!

Anyway, the reason for this post is that with Gus about to turn four we have no idea what to get him for his birthday.  He has a bike - he's actually onto his third one now as he has outgrown one and thrashed the life out of another.  He has a scooter and a sandpit, balls, board games, blocks, a cape and many, many other things.  Aside from Lego which we are luke-warm on the idea of, we are stumped with what to get him.  (Our hesitation is that because Felix is in a I'm going to bug Gus until he loses the plot phase, we can just see Lego causing all kinds of conflict - but then maybe we're just overthinking things.)

What have you brought for your four year olds' birthday?  Would love some ideas. Xo

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