Monday, 29 April 2013

Our 30 day Paleo Adventure

On Wednesday we commence a nutrition clean up that sees us (mostly) following the Paleo Diet, which briefly means that we eat only real foods - meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds plus we will still have a limited amount of dairy products and the only drinks we will consume will be water, tea and coffee (the kids will still have their wee drink of milk before bed). Grant and I, our four year old and two year old are all taking part in this challenge in the hope of seeing and feeling a real difference to how we feel - for the boys the motivation is health issues and for Grant and I it is about being healthier. We have already been loosely following this diet but the next 30 days will see us strictly adhere to the rules!

I know that when Grant and I first started talking about Paleo in January I had a great many reservations, but as the months have passed I have read more and more, built up a selection of tried recipe ideas and weaned us off the last of the foods that we won't be eating and I am now at a point where I feel confident that we'll manage the next few weeks alright.

I have also managed to convince my parents to take part in the challenge so I thought to help them with kai ideas, and for anyone else who is interested in what we're doing, I'd share our daily meals.

So although the challenge hasn't officially started, I will share our kai of the day.

Breakfast - eggs and mushrooms fried in coconut oil
Lunch - last nights leftover smoked fish pie - the white sauce recipe I use is from Seaside Kitchen
Dinner - pumpkin and kumara mashed with butter, lamb and steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Snacks - just a few cashews and almonds for afternoon tea and the kids also had a banana and apple in the morning.

Here is Felix wolfing down the smoked fish pie at lunchtime.


  1. Fish pie sounds delish. Did you have a topping on it?

  2. Yes I mashed up some kumara and pumpkin for the top. The filling also had some grated carrots and courgettes in it (got to sneak vegetables in where ever you can with kids!) plus the usual garlic and onions to. Thanks for reading Rachael.