Thursday, 18 April 2013

I've become that Mum!

You know the one who says no to sweet treats for their child, questions the contents of everything, and just generally finds food problematic.  A few moons ago now, when I was working in childcare in Melbourne there was a particular mother whose name would inwardly make me cringe because she was just the same. I feel terribly guilty now for how frustrated I used to feel (not act though) with her as I am now asking the same questions, placing the same restrictions on our children's food and raising the same concerns.  Isn't it funny how time and knowledge changes how you feel about life.

Because of Gus' eczema, Felix's tummy troubles, and Grant and I wanting to have a healthier diet, we have committed to follow a grain free, legume free, sugar free diet, with limited dairy products, plus Grant and I will also avoid alcohol, for the month of May.  We will evaluate things at the end of the month and see how we all feel and decide what to do after that.

It is a tricky and time consuming business this wholefood stuff - I find I have to be so organised and feel like if I am not cooking then I'm washing dishes. There is no quick open a can of spaghetti or pop out for McD's for dinner. And if I'm not in the kitchen then I'm either tending the veggie patch or researching either recipes or food sources.  It is a big commitment to undertake and one that we don't take lightly as it is very important to us that our children to grow up knowing what food really looks and tastes like, and how different foods make them feel - for worse or for better! I just sure hope it is worth all this effort! Xo

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