Thursday, 2 May 2013

Day 2 - argh what a day!

I don't know if its the hangover from the weekends' party with all that sugar and wheat, or if its because the boys are sick and we're all tired but please let this day end! I dissolved into tears in the New World car park this morning, so incredibly embarrassed that Gus was spitting everywhere and just generally behaving atrociously. My ever-so-sweet Felix simply reached out his little arms around my neck and squeezed as tight as he could as though to say 'Its okay Mummy'. Bless him.

On the upside, we have managed to stay on track foodwise, despite me wanting to pull into every cafe as we drove home from the supermarket, and order a large hot chocolate and piece of cake to make me feel better (what was that I read about emotional connections to food today Donna?)

Bacon, fried eggs and mushrooms

Last nights frittata which was just as nice as last night

Meaty Paleo pizza from Paleolicious (see photo below)

Bananas, trail mix of almonds, walnuts, cashews, raisins and pumpkin seeds. We made up some avocado dip with lemon, garlic, salt and pepper this afternoon for some carrot sticks and rice crackers. Gus loved helping to prepare the afternoon tea and was thrilled to share what he had made with Felix once he woke - not that there was much left as Gus had scoffed most of it!

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