Sunday, 19 May 2013

Days 10-19

Nope, we haven't fallen off the wagon. Still going strong although not quite as organised as were in the beginning. Both the boys have been unwell on and off over the past two weeks and so there has been little sleep and much chaos at dinner time as I hurriedly throw something together to feed the hungry tummy's.  Its a good thing that we only have Paleo foods in the house as things could have gone off track very easily.

We seem to be eating a lot of mince meals as this is something that the boys are really enjoying at the moment, and is always a favourite with Grant. Plus a fair amount of bacon too - this morning we had bacon and scrambled eggs with focaccia. Felix acted like a true Paleo convert - demanding "More bacon, I want MORE Bacon. Not all gone!"  

We've been doing a fair bit of experimentation with baking with some successes as well as a couple of epic fails. The cauliflower pizza was dreadful with both the boys flat out refusing to eat it, so it was yoghurt for dinner for them! Grant and I ate it because we were starving but then had to make the Delighted Momma's Three Minute Chocolate Puddings after. Yum - made us forget about the cauliflower completely. One thing that we have all really enjoyed is the cauliflower rice - simply cauliflower fried up in butter, salt and pepper then whizzed in the food processor. Pretty darn good.

Only 11 days to go now and we've been talking about how we are going to eat after May 30..... 

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