Wednesday, 14 August 2013

In our kitchen # 3

Today was another easy day for kai.  I find that, on the days that Grant is away, it makes life a whole lot easier if I make extra to reduce the amount of time in the kitchen.

Breakfast - Our self proclaimed 'bacon boy' was thrilled this morning to see the bacon sizzling in the pan; as was Gus actually who made up a impromptu bacon song (is there something matter with them???). So obviously we had bacon for breakfast, as well as a pumpkin, broccoli and leek frittata.

Lunch - Well, lunch was breakfast as we all had the frittata again.  Gus' kindergarten lunchbox always comes home empty, seemingly regardless of whatever I put in it (and he's so honest that he tells me when he throws food in the bin - like if I try to slip in fresh fruit!).

Dinner - Steak, mashed kumara and pumpkin with broccoli and cauliflower.  Smiling faces all round with no sign of rash or sore puku (belly's).

Boys are both now in bed - one sleeping soundly (I think Gus was asleep pretty much as soon as I left the room), while Felix is coughing away in his sleep. Poor pepi.

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