Thursday, 15 August 2013

In our kitchen # 4

Someone has hijacked my day! Where did it go? And what happened to lunchtime?

Breakfast - broccoli, cauliflower, mashed kumara and pumpkin with scrambled eggs.  The above photo is what Gus had for breakfast - all of it! And he was looking for more but there was nothing left.  I wormed him a few weeks ago as I did wonder if he was sharing his food with unwelcome guests, but not so!

Lunch - now this is where things went skewiff. The boys had some yoghurt with banana and half a buckwheat bread roll.  I forgot completely to eat and ended up snacking on fruit, nuts and seeds.

Dinner -  no cooking required again tonight as it is Tuesday nights leftovers for dinner - beef korma with cauliflower rice. We may even have dessert tonight - I have pulled the other half of last weeks' sticky date pudding out of the freezer.  Here is the recipe - I'm keen to see how it defrosts.

Felix is still unwell so he skipped childcare and came grocery shopping with me this morning.  I had my meal plan and a strict list of what to buy, but instead I got mince - beef, lamb and pork.  Its so versatile and Felix is going through a real fussy stage with dinner at the moment, and mince, especially bacon-wrapped mince, is one meal that he never fusses over.  So mince it is!


  1. Left over Tuesday...hmmm...I recall someone saying "we don't eat leftovers" how things change when kids come along!

  2. Ha ha! I know!!! How things change alright.