Monday, 12 August 2013

In our kitchen

There have been a few times recently where I've been on the receiving end of that look that tells me that people think we're weird when I explain that we avoid eating refined sugar and grains - What, don't all Kiwi kids eat Weet-bix for breakfast?

So I thought I'd share a few of our meals to demonstrate that we're not strange, that we eat real food and that we don't go hungry by not eating sugar and wheat products.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs with leftover mashed carrot, parsnip and kumara fried in butter.  No arguments about breakfast here!

Lunch - cauliflower quiche from Petite Kitchen. I will also add a tin of tuna to get those Omega 3's in. Gus is at kindy today so his lunch is a little different (yoghurt, a buckwheat sandwich (which is still a grain but it is gluten free - a compromise), date truffles and carrot sticks) but he will have the quiche for afternoon tea.

Picture and recipe from Petite Kitchen

Dinner - garlic beef burgers also from Petite Kitchen. YUM!

Picture and recipe from Petite Kitchen

See, its just real food and delicious too! Xo


  1. Looks amazing! Go you! My daughter is 23 and she now thanks me for clean eating and not taking her for fast food when she was little.

  2. Cheers Donna. It is pretty special when your kids can appreciate why you take care with what they eat. Gus already understands why and will explain to people too, "I can't have that 'cos its got sugar and it'll make my skin itch and make me feel not nice".