Thursday, 8 August 2013

Life as a student

Wow, I don't really know why I am writing this when I have readings awaiting my attention and a final sleeve to knit on my cardigan (that's it pictured above), but....

Well, you know how you always think that life is so busy and that there is never enough time to do all the things that you need to do, let alone do the things that you want to do - those things that help to keep you a little bit more on the saner side of life.  Well now it feels like there's just no time for anything! What on earth was I doing thinking that I'd manage to have the time to study when I barely managed this caper beforehand.

My first assignment has been submitted and it was with many butterflies in my stomach that I sent it away.  The proof will be in the pudding, as they say.  The never-ending readings are what I find overwhelming as there is just sooooo much to read and absorb - some of it is really dry (and I a little boring) but most of it is really interesting. Its all about time. And all the while my head is ticking away as I jot down notes from the readings while making mental notes of groceries to buy and things to do.

I am coping, I wouldn't say managing as I still have to get into the swing of things a bit better, but I do always feel like there are things that are being forgotten or left behind - a feeling I am unfamiliar with.  I am one of those odd people who very rarely lose or forget things and yet in the last week alone I have left Felix's hat at childcare twice, his lunchbox on another day, left his rain jacket at home this morning, Gus' entire backpack at home on Monday, and my hat and drink bottle at the gym on Friday - all in one week.  Lucky I haven't forgotten a child or left the iron on (not that I iron)! Its all a day in the life I suppose. Xo

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