Friday, 16 August 2013

No more yarn!

Isabell Kraemer's Caramel Cardigan (free pattern - just follow the link below)

After visiting a fellow crafty friend the other day, I swore to her that I would refrain from commencing any new knitting projects until I had finished my Caramel Caridgan.

Those famous last words! I have but one sleeve to go and its finished (that's it above)! So close.

Jen Geigley's GAP-tastic Cowl (also free - see link below)

My dear friend then proceeded to show me the most soft, bouncy and sumptuous looking GAP-tastic Cowl - and it moss (seed) stitch. Only my favourite stitch in the whole wide world!  What could I do but pick up those needles and cast on the 131 required stitches?

Vintage New Zealand's sweetcorn yarn

I had been looking for a use for my delightfully fruity/vegetabley yarn (Sweetcorn from Skeinz's Vintage range), and what could be nicer than thoughts of spring daffodils and a yellow cowl. Still plenty of frosty days in a Wellington spring so won't be rushing to pack away the woollies just yet!

The Purl Soho Granny Style Blanket (yet another free pattern)

Not to be content with two projects I decided that I need a crochet project for when I get fed up with knitting. After crocheting a baby blanket for said friend in the Vintage Roeship and Cadet, I had hoped to use the yarn again for my blanket. They are so soft to knit and crochet with and are frequently my go-to yarns for DK projects. But the Granny Style Blanket requires an incredible amount of yarn so I've had to look elsewhere, and think I may have found the solution - Utiku Corriedale. Only trouble is I can't decide on which colours. Yellow, light grey and charcoal or burnt orange, oatmeal and mid-brown. I may just have to order all six colours and decide once I've seen them. A great thing about buying locally is that as such a huge quantity of yarn is necessary to complete the blanket, I can buy the yarn as I need it and can afford it. I imagine that this one will take some time to complete! Happy crafting. Xo

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